Saturday, December 17, 2016

Different Project of mine

I haven't posted an entry in several months.  Recently I started doing some speedruns and have included a link to my youtube channel where they can be found

Monday, April 18, 2016

Top secret government programs

   I am sure that some of you like to make jokes about the government secretly doing experiments on unknowing citizens or that doctors have  the cure for cancer but wont give it to the citizens because they can withhold it and make much more cash on chemotherapy and radiation or even that Norway does not exist. What if I told you that one of these theories has actual proof behind it and it actually is confirmed to be true?  I am talking of MK-ULTRA a secret CIA program that has done some awful things.

It is said that the program was commissioned back in the early 1950's making it a product of red scares back during the Cold War.  Official documents are hard to come by since the CIA went through great lengths to get rid of them.  What is known about the program however is that the CIA was attempting to gain brainwashing techniques and better methods of torture.  Much of what is known comes from a hearing in the late 1970's.  The CIA was authorized to use LSD on unsuspecting citizens to utilize its potential in chemical and biological warfare.  They were trying to find ways of brainwashing and make it easier to interrogate people.  No medical personnel administered the drugs and some were terminal cancer patients.  Two deaths are reported because some of the tests they conducted were lethal. One researcher had his drink spiked and needed medical attention and when he went to get treatment he conveniently seemed to fall to his death This is what we know from a de-classified secret program they did in the 1950's.  The records are mostly lost or stolen but we know that the CIA is not being held accountable.  Easy google searches can find articles of victims releasing statements about their involvement.

I firmly believe research and secret programs are being done on citizens like in MK-ULTRA.  The CIA did these terrible things and then released the info about the program.  If this is what they chose to release and declassify then what ever they are really working on is worse than anything we could imagine.  Several of the shuttle missions that NASA sent to space in the early days of the program were classified for the military or Department of Defense.  The government is working on something for sure and it is impossible to know for sure.  MK-ULTRA proves that the government will sacrifice its own citizens in order to potentially legally experiment on them.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Adam Sandler

Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, Neil degoewguiweh Tyson all geniuses and great men.  All have made contributions to science.  One man though is among them but in an unassuming way.  I, of course, am talking of the "great" and "funny" "comedian" Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler is a comedian who got his fame started in Saturday Night Live back in the 1990's.  He was good and had a lot of potential and to his credit he has made some quality movies like Happy Gilmore and uhhhhh Happy Gilmore and that third one umm Happy Gilmore.   Adam Sandler has not made a quality movie in years.  This is one of those times where I don't need to prove he sucks at comedy because it is a common knowledge as gravity is real but I feel the need to anyway.

Let's take one of his more recent movies Jack and Jill.  Dear lord almighty this is on my top five list of movies that make me want to die due to the cringe.  3cringy 5me.  If you have not seen the movie do not see it.  Adam Sandler plays both characters a pair of twins: Jack and Jill.  Jill is constantly anoying Jack who at the end comes to like her again.  The resolution all has to work out in the end.

There is so much product placement in this movie.  The plot is Adam Sandler is trying to get Al Pachino to do a Dunkin Donuts commercial.  Very exciting stuff.  You cant forget the pepto bismol everywhere.  THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHA JOKES.  In all seriousness though the jokes do not even get me to blow air through my nose, it just makes me groan.  Al Pachino falls in love with Jill because that makes sense. COMEDY IS SO GOOD

'scuse me got carried away with the comedy that this movie brings.  So I made a graph of all the movies that Adam Sandler has made to illustrate my point his movies suck.  The way this graph works is that I averaged out the movies he was in from 1998 to 2015.  He had to star in them or be in the top ten billed cast on IMDB.  Shorts do not count.  To give him the edge for the rotten tomatoes score I took the highest movie for that year while averaging out everything else.
Users on IMDB consistently rated his movies around a 6.4/10.  Other interesting things include that his worst movie got a 0% on rotten tomatoes with the second worst being 3%.  The movie pixels has a very fancy and hyped up page on imdb and hid the metacritc score from plain view and it took me a minute to find it on the page.  Now what does this data all show?  At best when you average his scores his movies are all meh with a few great ones like in 2002 and a few terrible ones.  What is really interesting about this data is that users consistently think his movies are meh while critics will call them either a hit or a miss.  Now Adam Sandler was really good in Saturday Night Live back in the 1990's.  I really enjoy the stuff he did there.  I know he has talent and I know he can do better. I would like to point out that this Adam Sandler thing is my opinion to an extent and if you like his movies then I am not telling you to not like his movies.  Just do not go and tell me they are masterpieces of film or they are groundbreaking because they are not.  If you like him fine by me.

Why is he consistently in bad movies if he has this talent? There are two options here.  The first is way more entertaining but regardless he is making bad movies on purpose.  Option one: his comedy is not in the movie.  Think for a minute, if you are someone who does not like Adam Sandler then you likely think his movies are a joke.  Someone suggests the newest Adam Sandler movie and you burst out laughing making fun of him and the movie, but not the jokes in the movie.  This school of thought thinks that he is making bad movies in an attempt to develop new comedy.  He has become the comedy and has won.  He has made people laugh not through the jokes in the movies but in the movies themselves.  He has already won.

The more likely reason that I personally believe is actually happening is he is in it for the cash. Adam Sandler is a millionaire at this point.  With movies like Jack and Jill he could just walk in and get the studio on board.  His movies are crap but they still net millions in profit and he is pocketing this cash. Why would he put in the effort when he knows that no matter what he will rake in millions? Here is a spoiler: he wouldn't.  Adam Sandler can do better and he knows it, but he would much rather put no effort in and make a huge profit.  Movie studios know this too and are willing to go with it.  The Ridiculous 6 was a movie that Adam Sandler co-wrote last year and starred in.  It has 0% on rotten tomatoes and was published on Netflix.  Netflix was pushing it into as many categories as they could and tried to get it in the trending tab as much as possible.  They new it was crap and tried to get as much as they could out of it.

Whether or not you like Adam Sandler is your business, but regardless he does not make great movies and this is on purpose.  Sandler could do better but honestly what he is doing is working for him so he might at well keep spitting out mediocrity.

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